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  • 2-Dimensional

    Flat-out fabulous! Dive into designs that prove two dimensions are just as... 

  • Abstract

    Abstract and absolutely fabulous—get lost in designs that dare to defy. 

  • Animal

    Go wild with animal designs that are paws-itively stunning. 

  • Art

    A gallery of blankets! Wrap yourself in wearable masterpieces. 

  • Children

    Perfect for a little one or your inner child with designs so... 

  • Classic

    Time-honored styles that prove great design is always in vogue. 

  • Culture

    A blanket passport to patterns inspired by the world’s coolest cultures. 

  • Fantasy

    From dragons to dreamscapes, wrap up in a world of pure imagination. 

  • Flags

    Wave your comfort flag high with designs that are first in patriotism. 

  • Floral

    Blossom indoors with floral designs that don’t require a green thumb. 

  • Food

    Feast your eyes! These tasty designs are zero calories but full of... 

  • Game

    Level up your décor game with designs that are a critical hit... 

  • History

    Make history cozy again with designs inspired by the past, perfect for... 

  • Luxury

    Indulge in the lap of luxury—rich designs for your rich taste. 

  • Map

    Navigate your naps with blanket maps that chart a course to relaxation. 

  • Minimalist

    Less is more, more or less. Get cozy with designs that keep... 

  • Money

    Bank on cozy! Snuggle up with designs that are worth every penny. 

  • Music

    Hit the high notes of décor with designs that sing in perfect... 

  • Nature

    Embrace the great indoors with designs inspired by Mother Nature’s palette. 

  • Pattern

    Break the monotony with patterns that pop and designs that don’t stop. 

  • Retro

    Throwback vibes for your modern crib. Get groovy, baby! 

  • Space

    Out of this world designs that bring the cosmos right to your... 

  • Sport

    For champions of chill—get sporty styles that score big on comfort. 

  • Sunset

    Keep your evenings glowing with designs that are as stunning as a... 

  • Tech

    Circuit board chic. Plug into a world of designs that compute with... 

  • Texture

    Touch and go. Textures that invite your fingers to linger a little... 

  • Toile de Jouy

    French vintage with a twist of fun. It’s toile with a smile! 

  • Valentine's Day

    Love at first snuggle! Wrap up in heartwarming designs that make every... 

  • Water

    Dive into the deep end with designs that ripple with serenity.